Melaka Ultra 2018

Date: 17th-18th November 2018 (Saturday-Sunday)
Start and Finish: Pantai Peranginan Tanjung Bidara, Masjid Tanah, Melaka
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DistanceStart TimeEnd TimeCutoff Time
160KM17th November 2018 3:00am18th November 2018 11:00am32 Hours
100KM17th November 2018 3:15am17th November 2018 10:15pm19 Hours
50KM17th November 2018 3:30am17th November 2018 12:30pm9 Hours
30KM17th November 2018 3:45am17th November 2018 8:45am5 Hours
DistanceAge CategoryQualification
At least finished a race of 80KM
100KMAt least finished a Full Marathon (42.195KM)
50KMNo race qualification
30KMNo race qualification
Age limit for age category
Open: 18 years old and above
Men Veteran: 40 years old and above
Women Veteran: 35 years old and above
Distance 2nd July - 31st July 2018 1st Aug - 8th Oct 2018
160KM RM380 RM420
100KM RM280 RM320
50KM RM180 RM220
30KM RM80 RM120
Distance Finisher Medal Finisher T-Shirt Event T-Shirt Timing Chip
To be released soon
To be released soon

Loop A distance is 50KM and Loop B distance is 30KM
160KM – will need to complete 2 rounds of Loop A and 2 rounds of Loop B (50+50+30+30KM)
100KM – will need to complete 2 rounds of Loop A (50+50KM)
50KM – will need to complete 1 round of Loop A (50KM)
30KM – will need to complete 1 round of Loop B (30KM)

** More technical details of the route and checkpoints will be released soon
Start/Finish arch will be on the beach area and runner will run on the sandy area for about 400m before enter the tarmac surface.
This event is open to all Malaysian/Permanent Resident and oversea runners age 18 years old and above only.
Top 5 finishers for each category will received a trophy and voucher/products from sponsors.
Mobile support crew is not allowed however static support is allowed at the official checkpoints. Please do not obstruct the checkpoint operation area.

Pacer or buddy on foot, bicycle, car or any type of vehicle is not allowed in this race.
  • All categories will be timed using a timing chip.
  • Do help to make sure you cross the timing mat at the designated check point.
  • Cheating (selling your bib, using other people bib, take shortcut, take vehicle)
  • Reach the finishing line more than cutoff time. You are still a finisher but your status will be displayed as DQ. We will only wait for you for the next one hour after the cutoff time.
  • Create any harm to other participant or organizer or come with disturbing behavior.
  • Not comply with mandatory item.
Please help to inform the nearest Check Point if you want to DNF. They will be transport to fetch you on best effort basis. Transfer vehicle will move in schedule, if you cannot wait, you may need to arrange your own transport to return back to base.
  • There will be a static medical personnel on standby at each Check Point.
  • Ambulance or mobile medical support will be on the race.
  • Participant are responsible to ensure they are fit and healthy before start.
  • Participants are to accept the risk associated with the event as per indemnity clause as per registration form.
  • The organizer will not responsible for any claim resulted from this event.
  • Each participants are covered by a Personal Accident insurance complimentary from organizer.
Hydration bag/handheld bottle with minimum of 1.5 liter
Reflection vest (mandatory to put on at all time, day and night)
Emergency blanket
Hand phone (for emergency)
Back blinker (mandatory to put on between 6:30pm and 7:30am)
Front blinker or head lamp (mandatory to put on between 6:30pm and 7:30am)
Cash (at least RM20)
Printed / Softcopy of race course map
Basic 1st Aid Kit
** Mandatory items should be carry by the runners at all the time. We will randomly check those items at designated checkpoint. For any missing one of the item, it may result to disqualification or time penalty.

Recommended Items
  • Cap
  • Sun block
  • Spare battery / Portable mobile charger
  • Extra Shoes/ Socks / Clothes
  • Poncho / Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
  • Sun glasses
  • Food (gel, bar etc)
** We will implement Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) concept. So please bring your own portable cup or mug or bottle. We will not provide any of those at each CP including start/finish line.
  • There is no road closure during this event.
  • Please avoid running on the main road if possible.
  • Pavement or pedestrian walk or any path along the side of the road should be used when available.
  • Use common sense when crossing the road or junction. Be alert of vehicles passing by.
  • Some section(s) might require runners to cross a main road, so runner’s alert is needed.
  • There will be a drop bag service at Start/Finish line.
  • Please help to pack your thing properly and tag with Name and Bib Number.
  • Please do your own self-packing/self-marking/self-deposit your drop bag.
  • We will dispose any drop bag that not collected 2 hours after the cutoff time.
  • We will not reliable for any damage to your item.
  • To withdraw your drop bag just show your bib number.
  • We allow special need bag at specific Check Point only for each participant.
  • Please help to pack your thing properly and tag with Name, Bib Number and Checkpoints. Label with permanent, large and clear font.
  • Advise to use reasonable-sized and waterproof material for your bag.
  • We will not reliable for any damage to your item.
  • To withdraw your drop bag, just show your bib number.
  • Please deposit your special need bag at 2 hour before the flag off at the Start/Finish point and make sure you put the bag at the correct Checkpoint sign. We will not responsible for any confusion by putting the bag at wrong Checkpoint number.
  • All the bags are expected to reach the Start/Finish line 2 hours after the CP cutoff time.
  • We will dispose any drop bag that not collected 2 hours after the cutoff time.
We not allow you to downgrade to lower distance during the event.
  • We welcome your family/friends to cheer & support you along the route & at the Checkpoints.
  • We will not provide any support/aid to any of your supporters/family members/relatives/unofficial pacers.
  • We will also not tolerate any rudeness from any supporter(s). Please respect the organizers, volunteers, contractors and any other parties involved in this event.
  • Please do not have any vehicle following you along the road as it will cause inconvenience to other motorists/vehicles/runners. We will not responsible for any traffic rules violated by your supporters.
  • Once you receive your entry confirmation we are not going to entertain for any cancellation.
  • Please bear in mind, as soon as your entry has been received there are a number of costs involved and your entry fee goes towards setting the event.
We allow bib transfer and change of category before 8th October 2018 only. No request will be entertained after the date regardless the reason.

There is admin charge of RM20 for each change.

Any request of bib transfer or change of category must be email to and attached the original confirmation slip.
Organizer Name: Team Pacat
Contact Person: Zulkiflee Zainal
Contact No.: +6017-276 9900

Registration Closed

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Checkpoint Spot (002438388-W)
No 40A, Jalan BRP 1/2,
Bukit Rahman Putra,
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